I was overjoyed with happiness and emotions, when Sri Palden Lepcha Principal of SUMI school approached me to conduct Motivational session for Teachers. My mind was flooded with a memorable time I had spent and grew up in the same school.  Motivational session was conducted on 2nd May 2022 for SUMI teachers. Theme for the session was “Beyond Boundaries” and as the name suggested, participants were made to think beyond boundaries.

The session was designed to focus on how to be an effective team member and to find individual potential, enhance self-belief and start to think beyond boundaries. Session was very interactive with the participants taking part actively. Participants had the opportunity of learning through various games. Various real-life cases were shared so that participants would start to believe in their abilities and have never give up attitude. Post session the feedback received from the participants has been very encouraging.


It was truly inspiring and I enjoyed every minute. The session gives energy to push the limits further beyond boundaries. I thank Bharat Bhusan Darnal sir and our beloved principal for giving this opportunity. Thank you.
SUMI Principal Palden Lepcha

Energized, filled with positive vibes

I learnt ” the human spirit is like an elastic band.  The more you stretch, the greater your capacity will be.”

Whenever we hear the words “Motivational seminar” we automatically tend to think of lecture, explanation ,examples of good things etc. However today’s seminar was an enlightening one that made us question and learn a lot of new things. Motivational speaker Mr. Bharat Bhusan Darnal sir’s speech , presentation, rapport building with the audience was indeed praiseworthy. I found such wisdom in his talks which I won’t even find in our school books .Special thanks to our beloved Principal sir for giving us an opportunity to learn and see the positive aspects of life and I request that this type of motivational session be done on a regular basis for the betterment of the school and for our individual lives as well.

It was the most remarkable day in my life. Before attending the session,  I had wrong feelings in my heart that I was giving a lot to my students and my school….But after attending this session  I felt I still need to  do a lot towards my students and my school to justify my dignified profession…This session proved to be my eye opener. From now  I will do all my best to the pro success of my students and always keep my eye open for maintaining the Legacy of my school to next high level.. Lots of thanks 🙏🙏🙏 and gratitude to our Principal for organising such a wonderful  session ….Beyond the Boundries…and I promise to go beyond my boundaries ( self created) to maximise my potential for overall development of my school and my students.