Dare to Dream Big Bangalore

Dare to Dream Big Bangalore

Dare to Dream Big Bangalore

Motivational  session

for Agape disciples Church Bangalore

DATED 15th July 2020

The present situation has brought in uncertainty and lot of people are going through stress and anxiety. Considering this fact  a motivational session DARE TO DREAM BIG was conducted on 15th July 2020 for Agape disciples Church, Bangalore  on ZOOM. The session was very interactive with participants  taking part actively. Post session feedback received from participants was very encouraging. In fact participants thanked for having organized the  session. There were more than hundred participants  who attended the session. 

The session was designed to focus on how to unearth individual potential, enhance self-belief and confidence. As an icebreaker, games were conducted  on zoom, wherein each  participants were made to think differently and learning thereof. Various real-life cases were shared so that participants would start to believe in their abilities and have never give up attitude. 

summary of Participants’ feedback are :

  • Session has increased their self-belief
  • Their confidence got boosted
  • They can now work towards their dream. 

Date: 15th July 2020
Media Platform: ZOOM Participants: Agape disciples Church, Bangalore