Step forward You are the Change

Step forward You are the Change

Step forward You are the Change

A group of people in collaboration with Angel foundation has been conducting coaching classes for underprivileged students. They invited me to conduct motivational session for these students.
A motivational session titled “Step Forward. You are the Change” was conducted at Yari Road Park, Andheri West. Approximately 60 students took part in the session which was not only interactive but fun-filled. The sparks in some of the students could be clearly seen.


To inspire, encourage the group or Individual and motivate them to step forward and be the change. The focus was on the attitude and aptitude of individual and how one can bring about change by slight shift in thinking.

  • To help the students to know their potential and work on their strengths.
  • To be a better human being to create positive impact in society.

The motivational session was done through Power Point Presentation with audio and visual clips. The emphasis of the session as to know how to find one’s potential.

In addition to PPT, the session had group and individual games to make it more interactive and learn from each game. The process involved active participation by the students.

The feedback received from the students were not only enriching but gave me satisfaction having conducted the session for them, having uplifted them and given some guidance to do better in life.

Date: 18th October 2019
Place: Yari Road, Andheri (West) Mumbai
Participants: Students of Municipal School